Product Gallery Updated

By: Site Developer | 2010.10.01 at 9:09 am

Just a quick note about the product gallery.  After receiving a few reports about the gallery not functioning properly, I have made a few changes and updates to it.  It is now functioning properly.  If you are still having issues with the galleries, please let me know.  Thank you.

Pug Invasion!

By: Linda Walsmith | 2008.10.25 at 6:19 pm

pug_fest.jpg Boy, I don’t thing I have ever seen so many dogs of a single breed in all my life, but I couldn’t resist.  They were just too cute!  The Colorado Pug Rescue puts on this event every year and is their largest fundraiser.  We were very happy to participate and show our support so these little pups can find new homes.  We set up a booth at Denver Central Park and started out the day at about 11:00 am.  We did pretty good business that day back in September.  It was a wonderful experience and hope to come back next year!

New Product!

By: Linda Walsmith | 2008.08.24 at 2:56 pm

Today I am proud to announce a new product collection from Green Tree Collectibles.  They are the most precious musical dolls you have ever seen.  They stand 7 – 10 inches tall and come in a wide variety of different styles and song choices.  Please head on over to my Design Gallery page and look under the Stuffed Animals & Toys category to choose one today.

As always, we thank you for visiting Images in Stitches and come back soon.

- Linda

Welcome to Images In Stitches!

By: Linda Walsmith | 2007.10.03 at 6:11 pm

After months and months, we finally have a website worth visiting.  Please stick around and explore a little bit! All of your embroidery needs can be solved right here.  Whether it is just a personal gift for a friend or relative, splurging for yourself, or corporate size needs, Images In Stitches can make it personal for you!  Order your creation today!

Don’t forget to browse our Design Gallery for samples of our work and ideas for yourself.

Thank you for visiting Images In Stitches!

- Linda


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